Uniting Detroiters awarded grant from the Antipode Foundation

We’re pleased to share that Building Movement Project Uniting Detroiters has received a Scholar-Activist Award Grant from the Antipode Foundation.

The Antipode Foundation Scholar-Activist Project Awards are intended to support collaborations between academics, non-academics and activists (from NGOs, think tanks, social movements, or community grassroots organisations, among other places) which further radical/critical analyses of geographical issues and engender the development of a new and better society.

The Uniting Detroiters project brings together residents, activists, and scholars from across the city to investigate the political landscape, to diagnose challenges and opportunities for transformative social change, and to strengthen and deepen solidarity networks. The project is premised on the idea that collective study and analysis – de-centered from the academy – are central to strategic political intervention. Uniting Detrotiers is currently developing two study tools that will be a means and document of movement building: 1) a short video documentary; and 2) a “people’s atlas” project.



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