People’s Platform Convention 2013

THANK YOU! to everyone who supported the People’s Platform Convention held June 1st at Marygrove College. Over 200 Detroiters came together to ratify and celebrate the People’s Platform!

The District 6 Caucus meeting before the ratification process at the People’s Platform Convention. They emphasized the importance of Environmental Justice due to the impacts of hazardous toxins in their District.

The People’s Platform is a broad network of Detroit-based social justice organizations, activists, and residents committed to bringing about just transformation in politics, economics and social dynamics through popular education, celebration, and political activism. We use data, analysis, advocacy and community organizing to protect and increase participation in the democratic process and to demand that state and local decision makers consider race and economic justice in their planning, funding, and policymaking decisions.

We believe:

Lila Cabbil presenting from the podium at the People’s Convention and Platform.

Detroit is not a blank slate. It is not abandoned. It is full of vibrant, resilient people who look out for each other and are committed to protecting the public assets and resources we share as a community. As neighbors and residents, both new and long-term, we know what our districts need and we are working together to ensure that all of us—regardless of race, class, or neighborhood—have a meaningful say in re-building our city.

Sandra Howard, District 1 Caucus Leader, shared the People’s Platform Convention with her neighbors by going door to door and also served on the Logistics committee.

We know that the city is changing quickly in the face of both challenges and opportunities. But if Detroiters don’t get to the bottom of the real problems facing our communities, we will allow a false narrative of scarcity, right-sizing and incompetence to shift attention away from the powerful few who want to remake Detroit for their personal benefit. Supporters of the People’s Platform promote a narrative of “People over profit and politics” and hold up quality of life as a basic right to all.

The ratified ‘planks’ of our People’s Platform, Land Justice, Food Justice, Transit Justice, Good Jobs and Governance.

Detroiters have to raise the issues that matter to our neighborhoods and districts. And that is exactly what the People’s Platform is doing. We are taking full advantage of the opportunity created by the new city charter to usher in a new kind of politics, returning us to the ideals of participatory democracy where Detroiters decide what’s best for Detroit.

In order to inspire our neighbors and neighborhoods to speak with one united voice about the future of this city we love, we are committed to lifting up the following issues:


Land Justice: We need decisions about land use to respect current residents and our natural resources. Land use policy should seek to prioritize resident’s needs and wants and treat land as the binding around our collective history and the foundation of our community.


Food Justice: We seek a food system that ensures access to healthy, quality food for all Detroiters. We believe in the importance of creating our own food networks to support the health and power of our community and our natural environment.


Transit Justice: We seek a just transportation system that is respectful of and accessible to all transit users. The system should honor current DDOT users’ needs as much as it seeks to accommodate future riders.


Good Jobs: We seek investments by the public and private sectors that create quality jobs for Detroiters, not just low-wage jobs that relegate more and more Detroiters to poverty or devote the best jobs to new residents.


Good Governance: We are committed to working in good faith with public officials who will represent the will of our communities and understand that “inclusive” means valuing our participation as being key to shaping our collective future.



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