Second Uniting Detroiters Convening

Please join us for the second Building Movement Detroit Uniting Detroiters Convening on August 10, 2012, at the Solanus Casey Center (1780 Mount Elliot Street) from 10am to 3pm to discuss our right to the city, collective power, and new political geographies emerging in Detroit.

We believe:

  • We need new ways of organizing and envisioning movement building given novel configurations of power and governance.
  • There is real potential for radical transformative change in Detroit.
  • At the same time, there is a need to better coordinate strategies and tactics across our movements.
  • Such strategic coordination requires sustained collective analysis and a shared understanding of the challenges facing us today.

Specifically, we’d like to gather to ….

  • Discuss the implications of the socio-political reconfiguration underway in Detroit (e.g., the Detroit Works Project, Downtown and Midtown development, Hantz Farms, Michigan State University’s proposed research farm/laboratory, the foreclosure crisis, the Consent Decree, council redistricting, the dominance of Community Development Corporations and foundations).
  • Examine the various ways that politicians, financiers, planners, and developers are re-mapping Detroit (we have maps to share). We believe a close and critical reading of these maps is important because we see maps as more than a visual that shows us where things are. They work to assert control, claim territory, and make arguments about the way the world is or should be. We want to consider how we might respond with our own narratives and maps – a counter-cartography of the city.
  • Talk about Detroit’s “land questions” – To whom do Detroit’s “abandoned” lands belong? Who decides? By what processes? What would we like to see done differently?
  • Consider the possibilities and limitations of the following concepts: land justice, land sovereignty, land restitution, the commons, community land control, land reform, land distribution, autonomous zones, and liberated territory.
  • Begin to lay out a political, ethical, and conceptual framework adequate to the contemporary moment in Detroit that can orient and guide our independent and collective work.

Please RSVP by August 6th. We’ll provide lunch. If you can’t make it but would like to be included in announcements for future Uniting Detroiter events, please let us know.

Contact Linda Campbell at or 313-556-2020 ext. 2035 with RSVPs and any questions.  We hope to see you on August 10th!



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