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North End Woodward Community CoalitionNEWCC is a community based coalition composed of faith-based organizations, businesses and residents who deserve to be heard and included in the decisions that impact the transportation needs of thousands of low income and people of color riders who reside in the North End of Detroit.

Transportation Justices is about advocating for policies rooted in these principles:
1. Transportation systems must be affordable whether it is a bus or a light rail…it must be affordable for all.
2. Involve public participation, accountability, and transparency…the public voice needs to be represented in the planning and decision-making process.
3. Transportation systems must be accessible and connected…needs to take “transit dependent” people where they need to go in a way that is convenient, accessible and safe.
4. Transportation systems and policies should be fair…low-income riders and people of color must receive an equal benefit from public transit dollars as higher-income and white riders do.
5. Community benefits are largely tied to the level of community investment and advocacy.  It is important that the community be financially invested in the project through public funds so that it has a greater basis for demanding fair treatment and accountability.


Detroit Food Justice Task Force is a consortium of People of Color led organizations and allies that share a commitment to creating a food security plan for Detroit that is: sustainable; that provides healthy, affordable foods for all of the city’s people; that is based on best-practices and programs that work; and that is just and equitable in the distribution of food and jobs.

The Task Force will be working with our partners and neighbors over the coming year to establish a set of Food Justice Principles that work for us here in Detroit. A number of communities and organizations in the US and around the world have developed frameworks of food security, food sovereignty, and food justice that can help to inform that work.

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